TDS water test device to measure water purity and water salinity. It has many advantages and can be used in water purification devices, desalination plants, beverage quality control, swimming pools, aquariums and aquaculture.

How to use

It is easy to carry and use as it has a screen that reads the percentage of water salinity and has 3 buttons

Opening and closing the device ON/OFF

Conversion between the device's systems, which is measuring the degree of salinity and measuring the temperature of the water

Install reading device (HOLD)

The unit for measuring the percentage of salt is PPM, which is an abbreviation (Part Per Million) and it can measure from 0-999 parts per million with an accuracy of 1 part per million, and from 1000 to 9,990 parts per million with an accuracy of 10 ppm and we appear on the right of the screen x 10


If you measure the degree of purity of water and it appears in the screen 450 and on the right the screen x 10 this equals 450 x 10 = 4500 ppm.

Auto shutdown feature:

The device shuts down after 10 minutes of non-use to preserve the battery life.

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TDS Device

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